We kept telling everyone that we want to be the premier InsureTech company.

But what exactly does one mean by being “InsureTech”? Is it all digital and technology-driven? Is it like those one-click away products that you can buy from the internet?

The answer is: yes, it is. But to be honest, being “InsureTech” is actually more than that. It is being a company that bridges the gap within an industry. Just like in non-life insurance. This industry has always been recognized as a traditional type of business ran by traditionalists.

There’s always car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance and even marine insurance. But all products sold in the same old way. Boxed and has nothing new to offer.

What other companies fail to realize is that there are some things that are worth creating products for. Like for instance, delayed flights. Sure there are other that offer the same but no one gives out automatic claims disbursements for as early as two hours.

There’s also our Traffic Delay insurance wherein you can get compensated when you get late to your destination. Because we know that living in the metro is equal to dealing with traffic at all times.

Another innovation that we made is the Personal Accident Insurance w/ Pantawid Kabuhayan Package wherein apart from the Personal Accident Insurance, the assured will also be entitled to a food cart franchise as a livelihood package. This will be in case of accidental death or dismemberment.

Sounds different but yeah, it works. Mind you, we are the only company that offers such service and we are the only one that creates non-life insurance products that are on-demand, tailored for what you needs.

Also, being “InsureTech” means establishing meaningful digital partnerships which will allow our products to be available in any digital platform. Imagine availing insurance with just one click using any gadget you may wish. Gone are the long lines, human interventions and countless phone calls just to get what is rightfully yours.

Just use your mobile or any gadget and you’ll be able to avail your protection anywhere as you may please.

Now if that doesn’t change the way the game is played then I do not know what is.

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