Company Background

AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. was originally registered as Northwest Insurance and Surety  Company, Inc. (NSIC) with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on March 10, 1959. It was  granted the certificate of authority by the Insurance Commission to engage in the business and operation  of all kinds of insurance at sea, on land, of properties, goods and merchandise, and all forms of transportation and conveyance against fire, earthquake, marine perils, accidents, suretyship and all other forms and lines of insurance authorized by law, except life insurance.

An extension of its corporate life for another 50 years was granted on May 8, 2009.

On December 15, 2015, a group of shareholders owning 2,499,997 shares of stock representing 92% of  the outstanding share capital of Northwest Insurance and Surety Company, Inc. sold their respective  shareholdings to Reliance Surety and Insurance Company Inc. (RSI). Effective on that date, RSIC became  the company’s parent company.

On June 19, 2017, the Board of Directors approved the change in corporate name to AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. including the amendment of principal office and authorized share of capital. The amendments were approved by the SEC on September 8, 2017. Located in Binondo, AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. puts in a lot of value  to our policy holders.

AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. has a new set of Board of Directors who are mostly independent and who can boost their technical  skills and expertise in their chosen fields.

Incorporated On March 10, 1959
Commenced Business on March 16, 1959
Administrative Order No. July 31, 1959
Tax Indentification No. 000-881-312-000V
Vat Registration No. 94-300-001158
Beginning Paid-Up Capital as of March 16, 1959 Php 500,000.00
Paid- Up Capital Php 490,500,000
Authorized Capital Stock 1,200,000,000 shares
Issued Capital Stock 490,500,000 shares
President from 1959 to 1982 Mr. Ang E. Han
President from 1982 to June 2013 Mr. Ang Ka Bo
President from 2013 to 2015 Olivia Ng Cha Ang
President from 2016 to 2017 Andrew Dee Co
2018 Rebecca B. dela Cruz


To be the Premier Insurtech Company in the Philippines.


AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. shall deploy a platform that will be used for advancing the Insurance  Industry through system and product innovations.

AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. is composed of passionate individuals with creative minds and skills that will drive change from  within the Non-Life Insurance industry and shall carry-out the mission by:

1. Providing our business partners with insurance programs and events to create pathways for  success:

  • Establish and run a robust Insurtech IT Platform
  • Partner with related IT solutions providers to enhance capability of Insurtech IT Platform

2. Providing our business partners and investors with high grade & unlimited investment  opportunities.
3. Providing our partners and stakeholders access to innovative non-life insurance solutions and  resources that will help the industry move forward.
4. Collaborating with other related institutions and agencies.


C    reativity & Innovation
H   umanity & Diversity
I     ntegrity & Professionalism
E    xcellent Customer Service

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Andrew Dee Co
Ms. Rebecca B. Dela Cruz
Mr. Lorenzo N. Dee
Mr. Lawrence Chung
Mr. Donald Patrick L. Lim
Mr. Raymond Maria C. Qua
Mr. John Jason Uy

Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Nanette Quin-Sia


The new set of management drafted the above vision mission, and core values to be responsive to the new opportunities and emerging needs.


Mr. Andrew Dee Co


Mrs. Rebecca B. dela Cruz

Executive Vice President

Mrs. Soledad Te Gue

Vice President - Operations

Mr. Alvin M. dela Cruz

Corporate Secretary

Ms. Nanette Q. Sia

Corporate Governance

  • 1

    AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. protects the interests of all policy holders, claimants, creditors and minority shareholders by disclosing controlling and substantial interests and by complying with the provisions of Title 20 Chapter III of the Insurance Code on Holding Companies and related party transactions.

  • 2

    AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc.’s board ensures that company’s assets are safe and protected from risks such as underwriting risks, reinsurance risks, investment risks, geographical risks, operational risks and legal risks.

  • 3

    The aim is to maximize the performance of the company and to ensure the financial soundness of the company. Hence, reports closely reflects the outcome of AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc.’s operations and its financial strengths.

  • 4

    AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. ensures that it is publicly accountable in a fair, honest and equitable manner. Officers and employees of AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. do not have any conflicts of interests in the performance of their responsibility in providing services not only to the company but also to the public.

Annual General Meeting


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