To be completely honest and transparent in all our corporate dealings not only with the employees, agents, brokers, and policy holders but also with our suppliers, company stockholders and all government institutions.

Financial Stability
To make sure that the company is financially secure and able to meet all its financial obligations not only to its policy holders but also to its stockholders and government institutions.


AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. shall deploy a platform that will be used for advancing the Insurance Industry through system and product innovations.

AAGA is composed of passionate individuals with creative minds and skills that will drive change from within the Non-Life Insurance industry.

We shall carry-out this mission by:
1. Providing our business partners with insurance programs and events to create pathways for success:

  • Establish and run a robust Insurtech IT Platform
  • Partner with related IT solutions providers to enhance capability of Insurtech IT Platform

2. Providing our business partners and investors with high grade & unlimited investment opportunities.
3. Providing our partners and stakeholders access to innovative non-life insurance solutions and resources that will help the industry move forward.
4. Collaborating with other related institutions and agencies.