Non-Life Insurance: Traditional No More

There has always been a stigma about the non-life insurance industry. It is often regarded as stiff, uptight and always by-the-book.


Imagine an industry filled with veterans and moguls who are not willing to bend the rules even just for a little bit. Now don’t get it wrong because it is actually good for business to stick with what works. After all, they have already established a name by sticking to that unwritten law.


But you know, it is not actually a mandated thing to follow the so-called “rules” of the non-life insurance industry. By complying with the rules and regulations set by the Insurance Commission, whoever said that tweaking how the game is played will affect your company? Because when it comes to providing services, whoever said that a non-life insurance company is not allowed to tailor products for a specific market with a customized pricing for each of them. Doesn’t sound like a normal way of doing business, right? But it works because that’s how you start CHANGE.


By doing so, it just makes everything fresh and new again. But to tell you honestly, there is one company that is willing to shake things up a little and rock the core of the non-life insurance world.


Who is that company? That’s AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. We tend to be distinct by being the only company that has embraced digitalization and innovation by becoming the premier InsureTech non-life insurance company in the country. Basically, what we are all about is to cover the gap in the ever-so traditional industry that is non-life insurance. Something that has never been done by any other company before.


Through this, you can avail of our products and services through online platforms with a price that’s just right for everyone.


You see, this industry does not have to be afraid to utilize the online platform as a means to reach to what the ones who needs protection the most.


Of course you can’t talk about insurance without talking about claims. Well, here’s the game changer: we won’t ask you for a lot of requirements unlike other companies. Why? Because we want you to claim simply because your insurance is yours.


We won’t mind of the risks that our products or company might face because that’s part of INNOVATION. That’s how we do things in AA.


Now, is going against the flow really a bad thing? We guess not. We can do things differently without compromising our client experience in the process. Why? Because we #DareToBeDifferent


Now tell me, is that something that’s different and refreshing in terms availing protection for everyone?

Boracay is Calling YOU!

     Halloween break is right around the corner so obviously, everyone is planning to take a break and have their well-deserved vacation especially now that La Boracay is about to open again. Time to get those beach bods ready!

     The best way to get there of course is via plane. It’s quick, convenient and fun. Imagine sitting at the airport with all your gear in tow while you’re thinking of your burying your toes in the sand then frolicking in the shore.

     Sounds like a lot of fun, isn’t it? What’s not good is when you get stuck in the airport for a couple of hours because your flight got delayed. That’s too much of a hassle! Even this writer has experienced it so many times that I started to hate the idea of being in an airport.

     But you know, there are some ways to be compensated when your flight gets delayed. Some insurance companies offer policies for this type of scenarios. That is if you are willing to wait for 6 hours. You’ll be paid a certain sum for the 6 hours that you should have been spending on the beach.

     But what if there’s another non-life insurance company out there that’s willing to compensate you for the long hours that you spent at the airport because of your delayed flight? Not only that, you won’t have to wait for 6 hours but just 2 and the succeeding hours after that. Why? Because that company DARES TO BE DIFFERENT. I wonder who that company could be?

     So for the readers, enjoy your upcoming vacation and please do let us know if you are heading to Boracay this Halloween season.