We all know that sticking to what’s traditional is safe. It actually is. It is because you follow certain rules and you stick to how the game is played. It delivers safe results and of course, you won’t have others raising their eyebrows on you. You’ll just be like everyone else. One among many. But hey, you’re in the safe zone.

But what if you bend the rules just a little bit? Let’s say for non-life insurance. This type of industry has always been deemed as old-school, uptight, laborious and tedious. Why? Because it always by the book. You need your insurance? Scour all the necessary documents then try to claim. If they do not see any loopholes, you’re lucky that you’ll get what’s yours right away.

It also goes for non-life insurance products. Some may be able to tweak their own but only up to a certain extent because the traditional companies are always afraid to have losses.

Sad to say, no matter how big the organization is, you may lose the quality of your brand if you stick to the old mentality of non-life insurance. It’s time to shake things up a little.

What if we tell you that there is a non-life insurance company that is ready to take it up a notch? Put it like this: this company would want you to file your claim and they will be more than excited to give it to you? Yes. That company wants you to claim.

Also, no more gazzillion requirements. No more falling in line, red tape, numerous phone calls for rants and follow-ups. Just show your proof and that’s it. You get your claim. Simple.

Sounds crazy, right? You might be thinking “Who in the right frame of mind would want to do that? Good luck!” The answer is we do. We are AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. or AAGA and we DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

With that, we will leave you with a few words:

Something is about to go down.


We already mentioned in our previous blog that having a Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) is mandated by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) since the purpose of this insurance is to protect the public to the inevitable dangers brought by vehicles.

But what exactly is a CTPL? This type of insurance will pay the necessary amount which that is within the limits of the insurance policy. This is to relieve the insured vehicle owner from any liability and to assure the third-party victim that there will be financial assistance.

In other words, if you were a victim of a CTPL insured vehicle, you and your loved ones can claim compensation based on a CTPL policy under these conditions:

  • You are a third party to the owner of the insured car
  • The car that is insured caused you to sustain an injury or resulted in death
  • The injury you sustained requires hospitalization and/or may result in disability or death

We would also like to give you a few tips on how to file a CTPL insurance policy:

  1. Read the fine print. Of course, there is a standard generic CTPL policy. However, it is still important to read and to be familiar with the fine print of the said policy. All insurance policies may not contain the same fine print regarding limitations so better check every detail.
  2. Always keep calm during times of panic. God forbid that you met an accident with your vehicle. It’s a scary thought, right? The first thing you must do is the necessary first aid to the injured individual and call the authorities for proper assistance, medical attention and investigation.
  3. Always be honest and consider an amicable settlement
  4. Give the right information to the other party. You will have to exchange information regarding the names, address and contact details of the other party and witnesses; the name of the registered owner of the other motor vehicle, his address and his contact number; the name of the of the registered owner of the other motor vehicle, his/her address and his contact number and lastly, the details of the CTPL policy of the other vehicle.
  5. Take pictures of the car, scene of the accident and where it all took place. Always document everything that occurred at the scene of the accident and the extent of damage to the vehicles and property. Do not forget to show the plate numbers of the vehicles to easily identify the respective vehicles. If you have a dashcam installed in your car, it is better to preserve the video evidence for your reference.

Lastly, when filing a claim, wouldn’t it be great to get what is rightfully yours in such a short time?

So when availing a CTPL, why not get yours from the best? Get it from AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc.!

Visit AA CTPL to know more!

Because here in AA, #IkawAngBida

Aminin na natin. Kahit na ikaw ay may hanap buhay at mga ari-arian, ang tanging mahalaga ay IKAW at ang iyong proteksyon. Alam naman nating lahat na wala nang mas mahalaga pa sa iyong buhay at ng inyong mga mahal sa buhay.

Siguro, iisipin ng iba na ang regular na pag dalaw sa Doktor at pag gawa ng mga paraan kontra-sakit ang dapat gawin ng bawat-isa sa araw-araw na hamon ng buhay.

Para magkaroon ng kasiguraduhan sa buhay, dapat ay meron kang proteksyon upang makapamuhay ka ng walang pag-aalala.

Lalo na rin kung ikaw mismo ang nagtataguyod ng inyong pamilya at sa iyo sila naka salalay, syempre ang tanging hangarin mo lamang ay makapag bigay ng magandang buhay para sa kanila kahit pa minsan ay may mga peligro sa trabaho.

Pero paano kapag may nangyari sa iyo? Handa ka na ba?

Hindi naman sa pananakot pero hindi ba mas maganda kung may “resbak” ka kung sakaling may hamon na humarap sayo?

Kaya andito ang AA. Para sa mga inyong kaylangan, para sa inyong proteksyon at tagumpay, andito ang AA, ang iyong kaibigan.

Dahil sa AA, #ikAwAngbida!

AA is actively supporting the Philippine Government in the recently implemented Enhanced Community Quarantine and Social Distancing Measures.

In this regard, our office will be temporarily closed starting March 17, 2020 until further notice.

For claims submission, you may still call us through the following hotlines:

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Please be advised that we will no longer be accepting payments under the name of AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. and through the mobile number of 0917 6395682.
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