We all know that sticking to what’s traditional is safe. It actually is. It is because you follow certain rules and you stick to how the game is played. It delivers safe results and of course, you won’t have others raising their eyebrows on you. You’ll just be like everyone else. One among many. But hey, you’re in the safe zone.

But what if you bend the rules just a little bit? Let’s say for non-life insurance. This type of industry has always been deemed as old-school, uptight, laborious and tedious. Why? Because it always by the book. You need your insurance? Scour all the necessary documents then try to claim. If they do not see any loopholes, you’re lucky that you’ll get what’s yours right away.

It also goes for non-life insurance products. Some may be able to tweak their own but only up to a certain extent because the traditional companies are always afraid to have losses.

Sad to say, no matter how big the organization is, you may lose the quality of your brand if you stick to the old mentality of non-life insurance. It’s time to shake things up a little.

What if we tell you that there is a non-life insurance company that is ready to take it up a notch? Put it like this: this company would want you to file your claim and they will be more than excited to give it to you? Yes. That company wants you to claim.

Also, no more gazzillion requirements. No more falling in line, red tape, numerous phone calls for rants and follow-ups. Just show your proof and that’s it. You get your claim. Simple.

Sounds crazy, right? You might be thinking “Who in the right frame of mind would want to do that? Good luck!” The answer is we do. We are AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. or AAGA and we DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

With that, we will leave you with a few words:

Something is about to go down.


Last 24th of October, AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. (AAGA) has officially partnered with Maria Health, an online HMO provider whose advocacy is to cater affordable and quality healthcare for the under-served.  

Through this partnership, AAGA will be launching its Personal Accident Insurance with Pantawid Kabuhayan Package. A product that provides a livelihood package for the insured in case of accidental death and dismemberment. We also have our Kasama Sa Bahay Care which is a product that is aimed to cover Kasambahays against accidental death and dismemberment, permanent disability, death and daily hospital benefits. This product is created in line with the advocacy of AAGA and Maria Health to encourage in sharing the benefits of protection to our dear Kasambahays at an affordable price against accidental death and dismemberment, permanent disability, death and daily hospital benefits.

Because we at AA Guaranty believe that protection should not be complicated and must be within reach, why not partner with someone who can make these things happen with just a click of a button?

(L-R Standing: AAGA Vice President for Operations Mr. Alvin Dela Cruz, AAGA Business and Product Development Specialist Mr. Kevin Kyle Cadavis, AAGA Assistant Vice-President for Business Development Mr. Maurice S. Librea, Maria Health Head for Strategic Partnership and Solutions Ms. Tanushka Melwani, Maria Health Legal Counsel Atty. Paolo E. Abarquez,Maria Health Chief Information Officer Mr. Jarvi Celeres)

(L-R Sitting: Reliance Surety & Insurance Co., Inc. Chairman Mr. Andrew Dee Co, AAGA President and PIRA Chairperson Ms. Rebecca B. Dela Cruz & Maria Health CEO Vincent Lau)

Last November 12, 2018, AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. has officially partnered with KEFA/SplitEx as its Digital Intermediary to ensure that AAGA’s innovative and on-demand non-life insurance products and services can easily reach the people who deserve the best protection. Protection made just right for them.

SplitEx is a Swedish based company and is operating in the Philippines through its local partner, KEFA Technologies Incorporated.

SplitEx has established strong connections with LGU’s which can help tailor non-life insurance products to that particular town.

For us, we are more than willing to work with a group who shares the same advocacy as ours: to understand and serve the underserved. Most importantly, a company who DARES TO BE DIFFERENT.

Know more about KEFA/SplitEx, you may visit their website by clicking on the link below:


L-R: Reliance Surety & Insurance President Mr. Andrew Dee Co, SplitEx CEO/Head for Asia Pacific Ms. Nicole Ann Ruebenfeldt & AA Guaranty Assurance President Ms. Rebecca B. Dela Cruz

Last October 20, 2018, AA Guaranty Assurance Co., Inc. has forged another fruitful partnership. This time, with Silver Ace Franchising & Business Development.

Through this partnership, AA’s Personal Accident Insurance with Pantawid Kabuhayan Package will be in full swing for all of you.

Our Pantawid Kabuhayan Package provides livelihood assistance to our assured or its beneficiaries with a food cart franchise from our partner, Silver Ace Franchising & Business Development.

Silver Ace’s advocacy is to provide affordable food cart concepts to people who would want to start their own businesses. Their food cart products are all high quality and are shipped from the best suppliers from across the country.

Since our Personal Accident Insurance can be created for all of you by demand, having a Pantawid Kabuhyan Package will be the perfect way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

L-R: Shane Topacio Lorryman, Silver Ace Franchising & Business Development CEO Ms. Becky Topacio, AA Guaranty Assurance President Ms. Rebecca B. Dela Cruz & Reliance Surety & Insurance President Mr. Andrew Dee Co.

We kept telling everyone that we want to be the premier InsureTech company.

But what exactly does one mean by being “InsureTech”? Is it all digital and technology-driven? Is it like those one-click away products that you can buy from the internet?

The answer is: yes, it is. But to be honest, being “InsureTech” is actually more than that. It is being a company that bridges the gap within an industry. Just like in non-life insurance. This industry has always been recognized as a traditional type of business ran by traditionalists.

There’s always car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance and even marine insurance. But all products sold in the same old way. Boxed and has nothing new to offer.

What other companies fail to realize is that there are some things that are worth creating products for. Like for instance, delayed flights. Sure there are other that offer the same but no one gives out automatic claims disbursements for as early as two hours.

There’s also our Traffic Delay insurance wherein you can get compensated when you get late to your destination. Because we know that living in the metro is equal to dealing with traffic at all times.

Another innovation that we made is the Personal Accident Insurance w/ Pantawid Kabuhayan Package wherein apart from the Personal Accident Insurance, the assured will also be entitled to a food cart franchise as a livelihood package. This will be in case of accidental death or dismemberment.

Sounds different but yeah, it works. Mind you, we are the only company that offers such service and we are the only one that creates non-life insurance products that are on-demand, tailored for what you needs.

Also, being “InsureTech” means establishing meaningful digital partnerships which will allow our products to be available in any digital platform. Imagine availing insurance with just one click using any gadget you may wish. Gone are the long lines, human interventions and countless phone calls just to get what is rightfully yours.

Just use your mobile or any gadget and you’ll be able to avail your protection anywhere as you may please.

Now if that doesn’t change the way the game is played then I do not know what is.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year..”

Traffic everywhere, crowded malls and bazaars left to right. Yes, it’s Christmas time once again.

Sure traveling and shopping can be a hassle during December with all the rush and of course, no one is to blame.

But what we tend to forget are the positive things around us during this lovely period. Since it is the season of giving, always remember that there are presents waiting for you to be unwrapped.

Not to mention the bonuses you’ll be getting which you can use to pay of bills and buy presents for your friends and loved ones.

Something to look forward to are the numerous gatherings. Also, the holidays can be used as an excuse to miss-out on diets. So go ahead, get that big slice of ham and go for that extra rice! Binging on food during Christmas is one of the best things, you know?

Another thing to look at during the yuletide season are the relatives that will be visiting to celebrate this special occasion with you.

Now that brings me to the most important thing that you can look at during Christmas time. That is to be with your family and to know that they are protected.

So don’t lose your cool when get stuck in the Christmas rush and face your fear of dancing at your company’s Christmas party because there are a lot of good things that you can look forward to!

Always remember, the best gift you can receive is right at home: the people you care about.


We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products. Reach out to us and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.